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at Peterson

At Peterson, we believe there is no better way to learn than by getting your hands dirty. Peterson CAT offers a paid Internship program with on-the-job training related to student’s career interests. The program will allow the intern to put classroom knowledge into practice through direct experience.

Interns have a designated set of responsibilities and are actively supported and evaluated by a supervisor or mentor. This program has been developed to provide an opportunity to learn about our business operation and assist individuals in developing the skills necessary to initiate a career within their chosen field of study that is applicable to our company.


  • Increase the intern's awareness of career opportunities.
  • Expose the intern to operational and administrative aspects of our business.
  • Through a hands-on training program, familiarize the intern with the environment in many of our departments such as Marketing, Human Resources, Project Management, Accounting, and Information Systems.
  • Develop a recruiting pool of candidates for consideration regarding future management trainee and/or other career opportunities.
  • Develop and enhance a positive relationship between Peterson CAT and the student community.
  • Provide the opportunity for each intern to enhance their leadership and communication skills.