My Generator is Running

My Generator is Running!Your company should have an active plan in place when your facility moves to standby power. A well-maintained emergency or standby power system will operate completely on its own without any user intervention. The system needs to be able to do its job. After a local power outage, many service calls come in stating that "utility power is back on and the generator is still on." There are a couple of reasons for this. One reason is a delay timer in the automatic transfer switch that will keep the generator online until the automatic transfer switch sees a steady supply of clean power coming from the utility grid. This timer is usually set between fifteen and thirty minutes. Any glitch in power within that time will restart the timer. Another reason the generator will stay online is the In Phase Monitor. The automatic transfer switch may be set to have the phase angle of the generator match the phase angle of the utility grid prior to retransfer. If an In Phase Monitor is used, never set the generator frequency to exactly 60.0 Hz. If the generator and the utility are both at exactly the same frequency, the generator may take an extremely long time to match phases.