Using Biodiesel Effectively with Standby Generators

The selection of a trustworthy fuel supplier is instrumental in the effective use of biodiesel for standby applications. A knowledgeable supplier can provide critical information pertaining to their fuel such as the feedstock used for production, the exact percentage of biofuel in the mixture, and the additives and preservatives with which the fuel has been treated. By knowing the feedstock that produced the fuel and the percentage of biodiesel in the mixture, consumers can more accurately determine a cold filter plug point and decide whether or not measures such as fuel tank heaters should be implemented. The percentage of biofuel can also help consumers determine the likeliness of severe algae blooms, sediment accumulation, and corrosion. Finally, a fuel with the appropriate additives can increase shelf life, discourage microbe growth, and decrease the waxing temperature of a fuel mixture.

Operators of standby generators can also benefit by partnering with a provider of generator maintenance and service that offers fluid analysis. Not only can a service provider perform regular tests for issues such as algae blooms and sediment accumulation, they can offer periodic fuel changes, rust removal, and general maintenance as well.

Finally, standby generator operators should know the warranty of their equipment in regard to biofuel use. The use of biofuel or a biofuel mixture over a certain percentage may void the manufacture’s warranty for some generator sets.