Biofuel Powered Standby Generators

In a contemporary marketplace where a continuous source of electricity is less a convenience than a necessity, most businesses recognize the value of investing in an emergency generator set. Due to the risks inherent in storing large quantities of natural gas, most companies with large critical and emergency loads opt for diesel standby generators over gas units.

Unfortunately, many businesses overlook the critical process of fuel maintenance, when servicing their standby generator. While fuel maintenance is critical regardless of what type of diesel is being used, the introduction of biodiesel into the marketplace has made fuel maintenance particularly important.

The purpose of this paper is to offer some information and guidance for maintaining biofuel mixtures in standby power applications.

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"Strategies for Maintaining Standby Generators Powered by Biodiesel"

by Eric Plebuch

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1. Shelf Life

While the shelf life for #2 diesel is twelve to eighteen months, the shelf life for biodiesel that has not been treated with preservatives is no more than six months in optimal conditions. Read more…

2. Cold Weather Challenges

The use of biofuel in cold temperatures can be problematic for two reasons. Firstly, biodiesel blends become unusable at temperatures that are very close to their cloud points. Read more…

3. Algae Blooms

Any diesel fuel expands and contracts, and during contraction, room is left in the fuel tank for condensation. Because water encourages microbe growth…Read more…

4. Corrosive Properties

Biodiesel is a natural solvent, and it can eat through rubber rings and connectors in an engine. Read more…

5. How Can Operators of Standby Generators Use Biofuels Effectively?

By knowing the feedstock that produced the fuel and the percentage of biodiesel in the mixture, operators of standby generators can determine…Read more…

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