Power Generation: Everything you need to keep the lights on!

Peterson Power Systems has earned our customers’ respect by consistently providing excellence in products and service. We are a recognized leader of distributed power for:

  • Utilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Telecommunication
  • Institutional and commercial businesses
  • Hotels
  • Data centers
  • Construction site
  • Residential buildings

Data centers require specific power supplies. These facilities are used for housing computer systems and associated components. For data centers, uninterrupted power is a crucial factor to keep the environment safe and business running smoothly.

Peterson Power Systems is an established provider of complex power management systems and service contracts for businesses all over the country. We have delivered highly complex projects for the largest tech companies and customer service providers all over the country. Our high level of competency and project dedication and extensive internal resources help you meet your clients’ needs and deliver projects within the required timeline.

Not only will Peterson Power Systems’ team help you to build a data center, Peterson also has resources to develop a full project from design to operations, including:

  • Information support
  • Specifications development
  • Construction
  • Logistics
  • Project management
  • Site assistance
  • Personnel training

Our company has resources to design and build fully functioning data center power systems for your business and to provide scheduled maintenance and service.

All Peterson Power solutions are packaged in accordance with current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and Tier 4 emissions standards.

What are Tier 4 Emissions?

The EPA regulates emissions and protects human and environmental health. Since 1996, emissions standards have been reducing levels of particular matter (PM) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) in the atmosphere.

  • From Tier 1 (1996) to Tier 3 (2006) emission standards required 65% reduction in PM and 60% reduction in NOx
  • Tier 4 Interim standards required a 90% reduction in PM and 50% decrease in NOx vs Tier 3 standards
  • Tier 4 Final standards reduce NOx by an additional 80 percent, which takes PM and NOx emissions to near-zero levels

Emissions reduction chart

Full list of EPA regulations

Service and Repair:

Peterson has highly qualified, factory-trained electric power generation (EPG) technicians who are able to work on anything that we sell. Our technicians are extremely professional with modern vehicles well equipped for any type of repair. Peterson constantly audits our inventory of parts to make sure that we have what you need.

Peterson is Your Design-Build Partner

You can expect consistency, timely delivery of our promises and efficient management of your project. We provide your business with power solutions and high-quality products that can be designed for many applications. We also provide after-sales support in the form of parts, service and repairs.

We seek to be to be your one-source, complete electric power solution provider:

Peterson Power Systems Data Centers Projects:

  • 2.5MW generator on 8000 gallon base tank, with the dropover enclosure that goes over generator.
  • Fully assembled 2.5MW genset in enclosure with a diesel particulate filter on the roof.
  • Set up and delivery of pair of C-175 / 3MW generators. Seismically engineered package on a 8,000 gallon base fuel tank.