frequently asked questions

Q: How much does PartStore cost?

A: PartStore is a service provided at no cost for our charge account customers.

Q: I would like to sign up for PartStore. What is required?

A: You will need to have a valid account with PETERSON CAT in our territory and a valid email address. Or you can register through Instant Access and pay via credit card.

Q: Is there training available?

A: Yes. Training is available for PartStore and SIS Web. You can get details about our training schedule by contacting:

Erika Faieta
510.677.0397 cell

Q: Can multiple people have a log in?

A: Yes, we can set up multiple accounts per company. Each individual/user can have their own login.

Q: What if I forget my username or password?

A: If you forget your user name, contact our Customer Support Center. When you initially registered online for PartStore, you filled out a “secret answer” section. You will need to remember your secret answer to do a password reset on-line. The other option is to contact our Customer Support Center and they can reset it for you.

Q: Can I use PartStore if I do not have my part numbers?

A: Yes, by using the included on-line parts books in SIS Web, you can look up your part numbers and order them through PartStore.

Q: Can I get a parts quote on PartStore?

A: Yes, you can place your parts into the shopping cart and print or save the shopping cart, which can act as your quote. Once the quote has been printed or saved as a Frequent Order List for later use, the shopping cart can be deleted. A quote, however, does not mean that the parts or pricing are being held for you. The parts are not reserved for you until the order is placed.

Q:When I access parts information through PartStore, am I required to enter a serial number before I can continue on to SIS Web?

A: Entering a full serial number is recommended but not required. You may accomplish a successful parts look up session by simply using a CATERPILLAR product serial number prefix.

Q: I have backordered parts on an order that states "Contact Dealer" as availability. What should I do to ensure I will receive them when I need them?

A: Please contact the dealer at the phone number provided through the "Contact Dealer" link.

Q:Can I use a credit card to purchase parts through PartStore?

A:We do honor credit card purchases. We accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express

Q: Can I have someone in my company monitor PartStore activity?

A: Yes, you can have one person in your company act as the purchasing manager and approve all orders before they are transmitted to us. This person will also have the ability to check past orders under our PartStore Document Review online application.

Q: Who do I contact for questions I have or assistance I need related to PartStore?

A: Please call or email our Customer Support Center.

Anita Torres
PartStore Support Center
(M-F, 7:30am-4:30pm)
510.618.2252 office
510.695.1737 cell