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engine overhauls

There are currently over 1.6 million active commercial trucks with Cat engines under the hood, and Peterson is dedicated to providing the Cat truck engine parts and on-highway service owners need to keep their vehicles running smooth.

For those fleet owners and owner/operators who want another million miles out of their engines, Peterson also offers Cat's Precious Metals in-frame overhaul kits. An overhaul is a great way to get your Cat engine running as good as new.

We offer four levels of truck engine overhauls:

Cat Platinum Overhaul KitBronze

  • Low-cost repair option
  • Includes value-add components, such as Cat oil and fuel filters
  • Includes components that you might not think of replacing such as exhaust sleeves and exhaust manifold studs
  • No core charge


  • A basic in-frame overhaul, most like competitive in-frame overhaul kits
  • Builds on the Bronze kit
  • No core charge


  • A basic in-frame overhaul
  • Includes the core parts from the Bronze kit and the added bonus of Cat Reman cylinder pack assemblies


  • Includes the components from the Gold kit
  • Cat Reman cylinder head assembly
  • Cat Reman fuel injectors
  • Cat Reman water pump
  • Cat Reman oil pump
  • Optimizes performance and fuel economy
  • Maximizes the built-in second or third life of your engine.