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Coolant Analysis

how critical is it?

  • An estimated 50% of all engine failures or poor performance incidents are associated with cooling system problems. For this reason, Caterpillar developed the SOS Coolant Analysis program. SOS Coolant Analysis is recommended for all cooling systems, regardless of the type of coolant used. This includes Caterpillar Extended Life Coolant (ELC) systems as well as standard coolant systems, including Caterpillar Diesel Engine Antifreeze/Coolant (DEAC).

    Coolant requirements for diesel engines are more severe than those of automotive engines. Diesel engines are designed to operate at higher temperatures and higher energy levels than engines in cars or small trucks. Today's heavy diesels produce a tremendous amount of power from a small package. Additionally, most of today's Caterpillar products rely on the engine's cooling system to absorb heat from the engine, transmission, and hydraulic oils. These factors increase the requirements and demands placed on the cooling system.

    Used coolant disposal requirements have become more stringent and expensive. Used coolant disposal must be done in accordance with state, local, and federal laws. SOS Fluid Analysis customers may extend their coolant drain intervals, or recycle or recondition their coolant, thereby reducing their disposal charges.

    For all of the above reasons, SOS Coolant analysis is highly recommended to achieve optimum performance and the full life designed into today's machines and engines.

    Two-level Program which:

    • Gives an indication of overall cooling system condition
    • Identifies issues with maintenance procedures and operational practices

    Level One: Basic Coolant Maintenance Check

    • Up to seven observational parameters and four analytical tests
    • Indicates major problems with coolant and predicts major system problems
    • Results can be used to determine if a Level Two analysis is required

    Level Two: Comprehensive Cooling System Analysis

    • Extensive chemical evaluation of coolant and its effects on the system itself
    • Identifies subtle system problems, identifies causes, and prioritizes issues
    • Performed at Caterpillar labs in Peoria, Illinois
  • Engine Coolant Analysis


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