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S•O•S Fluid Analysis
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The Peterson Advantage

why choose Peterson SOS and coolant analysis?

The Peterson Fluid Analysis team uses sophisticated condition-monitoring techniques to help you manage your equipment. Caterpillar owners trust Peterson's skilled, CAT-certified technicians to keep their machines running at peak efficiency. The Peterson Fluid Lab's interpretation of S•O•S and Coolant Analysis results are supported by nearly forty years of heavy equipment database records and experience.

Our knowledge of your machine's maintenance and operational procedures, plus our technical expertise significantly enhance our ability to provide you with sound preventative maintenance advice, not just numbers or graphs.

Peterson Fluid Analysis results are automatically and seamlessly emailed to personnel within the organization anytime an abnormal result is detected. Our Service and Product Support personnel are trained to review S•O•S and Coolant Analysis results to aid in the decision-making process. With that information, you will be recommended on the correct course of action. Peterson will use the information gathered using S•O•S to recommend action, make repairs, or recommend additional diagnostics for a fully-integrated repair and maintenance program.


    Heavy Equipment
    Not a Cat? Not a problem! Our employees know heavy machinery inside and out. The resources and experience network available through our organization gives us a huge advantage over competitive labs. When it comes to interpreting S•O•S and Coolant Analysis results, we can help with any brand of heavy machinery you may have.

    Of course, our knowledge of Caterpillar equipment is unmatched, and our direct working relationship with Caterpillar helps us to get to the bottom of any machine issue you may have.


    After processing, each report is carefully reviewed, the results explained, and (if required) recommendations are made. All of this is to ensure that Peterson Fluid Analysis is truly your value-added service.


    Your equipment has been engineered to precise standards to ensure peak performance, and machine fluids are an important factor in this equation. Failed or worn parts can be analyzed to provide vital machine performance information, and machine fluids can tell a similar story. Help avoid large repair bills and costly downtime with Peterson's S•O•S and Coolant Analysis programs.


    Analyze the condition of your oil and the overall health of your equipment using S•O•S services:

    • Identify potential problems early
    • Verify the effectiveness of your maintenance programs
    • Develop oil condition histories and wear trends
    • Keep your equipment value high with proof of maintenance
    • Increase your machine productivity
    • Increase your machine availability
    • Lower your operating costs
    • Increase your profitability


    A Coolant Analysis program is an essential part of any complete equipment maintenance program. We can help ensure your cooling systems protect you machine's vital components from harm.

    Poor cooling system maintenance can lead to overheating and rapid oil deterioration, which can cause or accelerate failures in related systems. It is estimated that over 50% of all engine-related problems are caused or made worse by poor cooling system maintenance.

    A Coolant Analysis program can:

    • Detect potential problems in engine, hydraulic, and transmission cooling systems early
    • Improve the life of your lubricating oils
    • Prolong the life of your machine's critical components
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