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Cat® will get you there and home

  • Caterpillar marine products incorporate Cat's high-performance engines with the latest in technology, providing a powerful, reliable source of power for even the most demanding of voyages.

    Peterson Power System offers Caterpillar's complete line of marine propulsion engines and generator sets that are ideal for powering pleasure crafts of all sizes.

    The following products are available from Peterson:

    Propulsion Engines (ranging from 7 to 296 liters):

    • C7 (461 bhp)
    • C9 (567 bhp)
    • C12 (705 bhp)
    • C18 (853 bhp)
    • C32 (1136 bhp)
    • 3500C Series (1900 bhp)
    • C280 Series

    Generator sets (ranging from 12kW to 4840kW):

    • C1.5 (12-18 ekW)
    • C2.2 (19-30 ekW)
    • C4.4 (44-99 ekW)
    • C6.6 (125-170 ekW)
    • C9 (175-250 ekW)
    • C18 (340-550 ekW)
    • C32 (683-994 ekW)
    • 3500 Series
    • C280 Series

    Marine Engine Sales Reps

  • What engine is right for your vessel?
    Find out why the best yacht builders choose Cat for clean, quiet engines that deliver on performance.