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Peterson has been in business since 1936. We are the largest local rental fleet on the west coast, offering 19 locations throughout Northern California, Oregon, and Southern Washington. Our Power Rental team includes 17 professionals with over 130 years of Power Rental Industry and Application knowledge.

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Peterson Power Systems provides Extensive Temperature Control, Air Compressors, and Power Generation experience. We support our rental fleet with 60+ field technicians.

We are always available - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One call connects you with Peterson Power Systems diverse fleet of equipment – all designed and built exclusively for rental applications.


Rental Compressed Air

Compressed Air Solutions We Provide

Trust the rental experts at Peterson with your compressed air needs. From concrete jobs to industrial work, we have an expansive fleet ready to work in any application. With our 24/7 availability, we've got you covered.

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Solutions we provide:

  • Construction site compressed air.
  • Temporary compressed air during planned equipment shutdowns for replacement, repair, or maintenance of air-powered systems, instruments, and tools.
  • New construction awaiting delivery of permanent compressed air systems.
  • General purpose, instrument, or oil-free compressed air systems for:
    • Sandblasting & painting
    • Pneumatic hand tools for construction and demolition
    • Vacuum/dust collection systems
    • Pipeline "pigging" and cleaning
    • "Bubble curtain" for underwater construction
    • Fiber optic cable installation
    • Material transfer systems
    • Wine presses
    • Bottling & canning processes
    • Liquid agitation
    • Packaging, and other food&beverage processes
    • Instruments, tools, and equipment
    • Equipment, instruments & tools
    • Waste pond agitation
    • Oxidation
    • Catalyst regeneration
    • Variable speed drive
    • High-pressure air
    • Aeration blending
    • Sewage treatment, soot blowing, sulfur recovery
  • Seasonal compressed air during harvesting to power various processes, equipment, and tools.
  • Supplemental air and/or peak shaving.

Some of the Industries we serve:

  • Food Processors&Packagers, Beverage Processors&Bottlers, Wineries, Breweries, Fruit&Vegetable Growers, Feedlot&Poultry Operations.
  • International, Regional, and Local Contractors (General/Heavy Construction, Building Trades, Sandblasting & Painting, Pipeline/Communication/Power Lines), Engineering Firms, Concrete/Asphalt Producers, Road Builders, Landscapers.
  • Refineries, Drilling Contractors, Gas&Oil Exploration and Production, Plastics/Petrochemical.

What we offer:

  • 100% Oil Free Electric Drive Air Compressors
  • 100% Oil Free Diesel Drive Air Compressors
  • Oil Flooded Air Diesel Drive
  • Instrument Quality Air Diesel Drive
  • High Pressure Compressors
  • Oil Flood Aftercooled Variable Speed Electric Drive
  • Complete Line of Parts & Accessories


Desiccant Air Dryers

Model Dewpoint CFM
400 CDA PM -100 100 to 400
400 CDA PM -40 400 to 800
900 CDA PM -100 500 to 900
900 CDA PM -40 900 to 1600
AHLD R SERIES 1000 -40 n/a
AHLD R SERIES 1800 -40 n/a


High Pressure Diesel Drive - Aftercooled and filtered air

Model CFM PSI Range Specifications
XRVS 1000 FF iT4 1000 365  
XAVS 400 FF iT4 400 200 Download


100% Oil Free Diesel Drive Air Compressors- Aftercooled to 20 degrees F above ambient

Model CFM PSI Range Specifications
XAVS 400 FF iT4 400 200 Download
XATS 750 PFF iT4 750 150 Download
XATS 1050 FF iT4 900/1050 150/100 Download
XAS 1800 PFF iT4 1600/1800 150/100 Download

Hose Size

Diameter Length
3/4" 25'
3/4" 50'
1" 25'
1" 50'
2" 25'
2" 50'
3" 25'
3" 50'


Instrument Quality Electric Compressors

Model CFM PSI Specifications
LSR-16 40HP 149/175 100/125 Download
LSR-16 50HP 230/150 100/175 Download
LSR-16 60HP 280/188 100/175 Download
LSR-16 75HP 351/255 100/175 Download
TSR-20 100HP 555/380 100/175 Download
TSR-20 125HP 685/495 100/175 Download
TSR-20 150HP 815/610 100/175 Download
TSR-20 200HP 970/775 100/175 Download


Oil Free Electric Compressors

Model CFM PSI Specifications
Kobelco 200 HP 785 125 Download


Receiver Tanks

Size Max Pres. Min/Max Cap
240 Gallon 165 0 to 240
440 Gallon 165 240 to 440
1300 Gallon 165

440 to 1300

Rental Power

Learn More About Peterson's Power Rental Solutions 

Whether faced with planned or emergency electric power needs, you not only demand reliability—you need availability. With our 24/7 availability, we’ve got you covered. We offer units for every application, with sizes ranging from 20 to 2,000kW. Whatever your specific requirements, our generators are equal to the challenge, providing power when and where you need it most.

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Solutions we provide:

  • Temporary power generation in the case of power outages, brownouts, and other emergencies.
  • Uninterruptible, high-quality power for sensitive electronic or computer systems.
  • Construction site power.
  • Power for mobile batch plants.
  • Primary Power generation.
  • Standby Power.
  • Continuous power.
  • Load sharing/parallel/peak shaving.
  • UPS quality power.
  • Temporary power during planned equipment shutdowns, replacements, repair, or maintenance. 
  • Temporary power for building construction, renovations, and/or expansions.
  • Supplemental or bridge power during periods of high demand.
  • Remote grid support.
  • Weather-induced blackouts or brownouts.
  • Prime power during substation, construction, expansion, repair, or maintenance, and planned/unplanned equipment maintenance.

Some of the industries we serve:

  • Office/Institutional/Residential buildings, Hospitals/Medical Centers/Speciality Clinics, Hotels/Resorts, Shopping Malls/Mega Stores, Warehouses, Pharmaceutical.
  • General/Heavy Construction, Building Trades, Sandblasting&Painting, Pipeline/Communication/Power Lines, Engineering Firms, Concrete/Asphalt Producers, Road Builders, Landscapers.
  • Power Plants, Public Utility Companies, Independent Power Providers, Energy Service Companies, Independent System Operators, Generation Distribution&Transmission Operators, Power Brokers.

Rental Power Equipment Available:

  • Portable Power Generators
  • Studio Quiet Generators
  • Transformers
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Power Cable
  • Load Banks
  • Cable & Boxes
  • Distribution Panels
  • Fuel Services and Technician Availability 24/7
  • Spill Basins
  • Auxillary Fuel Tanks

Power Units in Inventory:

Model kW kVA Legal Wet Wt. Fuel Consumption*
XQ2000 2000 2500 93,000 103 GPH
APS1000 1000 1250 47,000 52 GPH
XQ800 800 1000 49,000 43 GPH
XQ500 500 625 32,000 25 GPH
XQ400 400 500 20,450 21 GPH
XQ350 350 437 22,000 19 GPH
XQ300 300 375 20,350 15 GPH
XQ230 230 287 16,550 12 GPH
XQ200 200 250 12,000 11 GPH
XQ175 175 218 10,605 9 GPH
MQ168 168 210 9,150 10 GPH
APS150 150 187 13,000 6 GPH
XQ100 100 125 8,270 5 GPH
XQ80 80 100 8,160 4 GPH
XQ60 60 75 6,980 3 GPH
SDG65 52 65 4,885 4 GPH
XQ30 30 37 4,990 2 GPH
XQ20 20 25 3,085 1 GPH

*Fuel consumption at 75% load


Rental Temperature Control

Serving all of California, Oregon and Washington

Peterson Power Systems can support temperature control applications from equipment failure, emergencies, loss of power to scheduled maintenance, seasonal needs, and special events. With locations to serve you in California, Oregon, and Washington, Peterson offers top-notch products and service to keep you productive and profitable. Industries we serve include refineries, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, education, data centers and more.

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Solutions we provide:

  • Product quality and spoilage control.
  • Environmental control in brood, farrowing, and feeding facilities during seasonal temperature extremes.
  • Temporary environmental heating, cooling, dehumidification during:
    • Planned and unplanned shutdowns for equipment replacement, repair, or maintenance
    • Building construction, renovations, and/or expansions
    • Emergencies
  • Supplemental comfort heating/cooling and process cooling capacity during seasonal peak times of the year.
  • Standard and low-temperature chiller modules for process cooling.
  • Environmental temperature control units.
  • Primary&backup temperature control units for:
    • Process cooling
    • Reactor cooling
    • Condenser cooling
    • Laser cooling
    • Dryer and packaging dehumidification
    • Dense air injection
    • Scrubber cooling
    • Supplemental tower cooling
    • Vessel and storage tank climate control
    • Product storage
    • Environmental control
    • Paint and drying room environmental control
    • Robotics cooling
    • Steel and basic oxygen furnace cooling
    • Baghouse cooling
    • Large motor cooling
    • Liquefied gas storage
    • Light gas loading
    • Catalytic reactor cooling
    • Alkylation cooling
    • Vapor recovery
    • Lube oil cooling
    • Gas turbine cooling
    • Surface condenser cooling
    • Overhead condenser cooling
    • Plastic pelletizer cooling
    • Jacketed reactor cooling
    • Supplemental water cooling
    • Supplemental cooling
  • Hydro-cooling pitted fruit to spot ripening.
  • Flash cooling sensitive vegetables.
  • Processing and storage.
  • Supplemental and/or backup process temperature control capacity during seasonal temperature extremes.

Some of the Industries we serve:

  • Food Processors&Packagers, Beverage Processors&Bottlers, Wineries, Breweries, Fruit&Vegetable Growers, Feedlot&Poultry Operations.
  • Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Electronic&Hi-Tech, Speciality Gases, Auto, Heavy Equipment, Machinery, Steel Mills, Foundries.
  • Refineries, Drilling Contractors, Gas&Oil Exploration and Production, Plastics/Petrochemical.

Portable Cooling Towers
250 and 500 ton modules available to provide high-volume water and wastewater chilling

Common Applications:

  • Containment & Spent Fuel Pool Cooling
  • Jacketed Reactor Cooling
  • Large Motor Cooling
  • Scrubber Cooling
  • Supplemental Cooling Tower Water

Air and Water Cooled Chillers
Air-cooled units from 25 ton to 450 ton, water-cooled units from 500 to 525 ton

Common Applications:

  • Alkylation (Alky) Cooling
  • Environmental Control
  • Wet Gas Compressor Cooling
  • Plastic Production Processes
  • Concrete Cooling
  • Turbine Inlet Cooling
  • Dense Air Injection
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Comfort Cooling
  • Warehouse Cooling

Heat Exchangers
Shell & tube, plate & frame, and food grade units available

Common Applications:

  • Jacketed Reactor Cooling
  • Alkylation (Alky) Cooling
  • Lube Oil Cooling
  • Scrubber Cooling
  • Plastic Production Processes
  • Vapor Recovery & Liquefied Gas Storage
  • Waste Water Treatment

Electric and reactivation heat source and moisture control units available

Common Applications:

  • Mold/Fungus Prevention
  • Electronics Protection
  • Surface Preparation and Coating
  • Power Plant Lay-Up
  • Restoration Drying
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Corrosion Prevention
  • Candy Manufacturing
  • Refinery Tank Cooling

Electric Heaters
Portable units from 100kW to 150kW

Common Applications:

  • Comfort Heating
  • Warehouse Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Force Curing
  • Construction Heat
  • Event Heating

Air Conditioners - DX Units
25-80 ton self-contained units provide conditioned air flow

Common Applications:

  • Vessel Entry
  • Refinery Vessel Entry Packages
  • Refinery Fin Fan Cooling
  • Event Cooling
  • Warehouse Cooling
  • Comfort Cooling
  • Refinery/Industrial Motor Cooling

Turbines 5MW+

Solar Taurus 60 Mobile Power Unit

The Taurus 60 Mobile Power Unit (T60 MPU) offered by Peterson Power Systems is manufactured by Solar Turbines, Inc. These units are built to Solar’s quality and performance standards in a factory environment. To date, Solar has built over 130 factory-packaged T60 MPU’s.


Total Cost Approach

By answering a few questions our Sales Engineers can help you estimate your total power costs including, Mobilization, Transportation, Setup, Commissioning, Fuel, and of course turbine rental costs. We can also help you access the cost of fuel infrastructure (piping & filtration) and electrical (i.e. grounding, interconnecting cabling, and utility metering).

Peterson Power Systems can provide any level of service you require, from the rental turbine alone to transportation, engineering, design, setup, operator training or operators, and balance of plant such as electrical transformers, electrical distribution, fuel handling, fuel storage, fuel filtration, etc.

  • Our Rental Gas turbines can operate on a wide range of gases and a variety of distillate (diesel) fuels. Our preferred fuel is pipeline quality natural gas (90% plus methane content), but we can also operate on low energy gaseous fuels (digester gas) and higher energy fuels that contain heavy hydrocarbons (associated gas).
  • The majority of our Rental Gas Turbines are configured with Dry Low NOx combustion systems to ensure low NOX and CO emissions. Maximum emissions when operating on pipeline quality natural gas are 25 ppm NOX and 50 ppm CO.