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The Taurus 60 Mobile Power Unit (T60 MPU) offered by Peterson Power Systems is manufactured by Solar Turbines, Inc.  These units are built to Solar’s quality and performance standards in a factory environment.  To date, Solar has built over 130 factory-packaged T60 MPU’s.

Solar’s design goals for the T60 MPU reflect Solar’s emphasis on economical setup, reliability, flexibility, and rapid deployment:

Standard Power Gen Package 

The Standard Solar T60 MPU Power Gen Package is the core of the Solar mobile turbine.  Utilizing a standard package keeps design and manufacturing costs low, and makes troubleshooting easy for the end user through Solar’s Global Customer Support Group.

Rapid Setup and Commissioning

Short term projects require rapid setup and commissioning for economic viability.  The T60 MPU can be set up and commissioned in three to five days.

Ease of Transport

The T60 MPU can be easily transported via Land, Sea, and Air, and is legal for transport in all US States and Canadian Provinces. 

Totally Self Contained Unit

The only external interfaces required for operation are a) Gas and/or Liquid fuel, b) 13.8 kV load connection, c) 480vac, 400A or 480 vac, 300kW diesel generator for black starting (if needed).

No compromise in reliability or performance

There is no difference between the performance and reliability of a T60 MPU and its stationary counterpart.  This is because the heart of the T60 MPU is the Standard Solar Taurus 60 Power Generation Package. 

Our most common turbine configuration is a 5.2 MW, 60 Hz, Solar Taurus 60, 7300 SoLoNOx Mobile Power Unit. Optional configurations include;

  • 50 Hz operation
  • Dual Fuel, for operation on diesel fuel and natural gas
  • Standard Combustion, for operation on low energy fuels or LNG
  • Stationary turbines