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refurbished turbines

When Peterson receives a turbine in poor condition or with high hours, a senior turbine service technician will recommend the unit for refurbishment, a process that brings the entire package back to new standards by overhauling all major components (such as the Turbine Engine and Reduction Gear). A refurbished turbine package will provide the same service life as a new turbine and carries a one year warranty that is identical to that provided by the original equipment manufacturer for new units.

During the refurbishment process, a turbine undergoes:Refurbishing a Solar Turbine

  • A complete overhaul of the turbine engine and Reduction Gear by Solar Turbine’s Rebuild Facility in Desoto Texas. Overhauled engines are tested by Solar to ensure that they meet new performance standards.
  • A generator is refurbishing by Jasper Electric, during which the generator is completely disassembled and electrically tested before and after rebuild. During the refurbishment process, parts that do not meet the manufacturer’s new standards are replaced, and all generator windings are cleaned, baked, and dipped.
  • Battery replacement with new 125 VDC control batteries.
  • An upgrade of the remote video display terminal, if applicable, from Solar TT2000 to Solar TT4000.
  • A surface preparation of the entire turbine package, power control room, and accessories: inside and out.
  • Refurbished turbines receive a treatment of primer paint and are finished with Solar Grey epoxy paint.
  • Lube oil system filtration and polishing. Oil that does not meet new performance standards is replaced.
  • Installation of new Solar or remanufactured Solar upgraded gas fuel control valves.
  • A recertification and refill of CO2 bottles for the fire system.
  • A full load customer acceptance test of the entire package to prove heat rate and power output.