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inspection process

The turbine condition assessment is performed by a senior turbine service technician.Solar Turbine, Used Turbine Inspection Process

  • All turbine parameters such as major component serial numbers, part numbers, features, and configurations are recorded and photographed.
  • Turbine performance parameters such as power, voltage, frequency, fuel types, and agency classifications (UL, CSA) are recorded.
  • Next the overall package (including the power control room and trailers if applicable) condition is accessed for rust, dents, and cleanliness.
  • An inventory is then taken of all the turbines shipped loose components such as the air inlet filtration, ventilation ducts, catwalks etc.
  • A Boroscope inspection of the turbine engine and reduction gear is performed. This is the most critical part of the turbine evaluation and is where the most care and time is spent.

Other lesser checks include:

  • Package Drain and Vent Systems
  • Ancillary Equipment: air inlet filtration, ventilation ducts, catwalks etc.
  • Exhaust System, Blankets
  • Turbine Start System and VFD
  • Fuel System
  • Electrical Panels, Turbine, Generator, & Fire
  • Vibration monitoring system
  • Generator inspection and megger check
  • Switchgear inspection
  • Switchgear and Turbine control Battery Chargers & Batteries, 125 VDC.
  • Lubricating Oil System, Oil Tank and Vent System. Samples taken for analysis.
  • Gear to Generator Coupling & Guard.
  • TT4000 remote video display terminal and local Panel View (HMI) Display.
  • Allen Bradley PLC Controller.
  • Accessories such as the Water Wash Cart, etc.


Upon completion of the inspection, a report is generated by the inspector that provides a thorough assessment of the turbine condition and a recommendation for any repairs, and/or upgrades that must be made to prepare the used turbine for sale.