More Hours on the Road – Less Hours in the Shop

Finding a truck shop that’s close:

Peterson understands that truck shop locations and accessibility are vital. If you are a local carrier or vocational hauler, a shop near your yard is ideal. If you are a long-haul or transport trucker, a location along your route may be best. Peterson offers convenient locations along Highway 101 and I-5, so you can schedule service when they will be in the area.

Selecting a truck shop you can trust:

Reputation is the best form of advertising, and for good reason. People do business with partners they can trust, and trust is built over time. Reputation matters.

At Peterson, we’ve built a reputation for getting the job done right and on time. Year after year, we keep our customers on the road. We’ve built strong relationships with customers in the following industries:

  • Logging
  • Construction
  • Ready-mix delivery
  • Refrigerated loads
  • Equipment transport

Our relationships with OEMs only continue to strengthen. We’ve represented the Caterpillar brand for over 80 years. Our sister company, Peterson Trucks Inc., is an award-winning International dealer serving Northern California. The work performed by our PAR-certified technicians and the quality of our genuine Cat parts, carries a nationwide Caterpillar warranty.

We provide the services you need

Safety, reliability, legal compliance – you demand a lot from your truck. Make sure you partner with a service provider that meet you complete needs. Our full range of offerings includes the following... and more:

  • General engine service
  • General mechanical repair
  • A full range of replacement filters
  • Air conditioning service and repair
  • Dynamometer analysis and diagnostic checks
  • A full range of in-house fluids analysis
  • Fully synthetic Cat diesel oil
  • Extended-life coolant
  • Radiator repair
  • Welding and metal fabricating
  • Complete steam cleaning
  • Custom hydraulic service and repair
  • Hydraulic hose assemblies
  • Custom engineering for specialized needs
  • Smoke opacity test
  • B.I.T. inspections - tractor & trailer
  • Bumper to bumper chassis repairs
  • Full drive train repairs
  • Full in-frame and out-of-frame engine overhauls
  • Overhead adjustments (3116 mechanical, 3126/C7)
  • Overhead adjustments (3176/C10/C12/C15/3406E)
  • Overhead adjustments (C11/C13/C15/C16, 3406 B/C)

Actually getting your truck in (and back out):

The best truck shop in the world isn’t any good if you can’t get in. We’ve added a second shift in Portland to address our increasing popularity. Including Peterson Trucks, we can service your truck at thirteen locations in Oregon and California:

When can you handle it yourself?

Many of our customers can handle some maintenance and repair themselves. Quickly and accurately making this determination can pay huge dividends in reduced cost and increased uptime.

Our knowledgeable staff is happy to assist with:

  • OEM maintenance schedules for nearly all makes and models
  • Parts look-up and availability
  • Questions about warranty and product improvement letters

Efficient parts ordering: is a portal customers can use for all our online platforms.

  • Online parts ordering
  • Service Information Services (SIS web)
  • Online document review
  • Online fluid sample reports
  • How-to videos

Our parts distribution network is second to none. We deliver more parts to more areas faster than anyone else!

  • Staffed parts counters
  • Staffed will-call counters
  • Dropbox network
  • Caterpillar regional parts distribution centers

Selecting a partner who will go the extra mile:

Large contracts, planned expansion, and unforeseen business opportunities can all push your company to the limits. Working with a scalable partner that takes the time to understand your needs can set you up for success. Here’s an example:

We serve a global leader in the aggregate and building materials industry whose local operations were growing. Together we decided that the best way to support their operations was by supplying a full time technician and parts drop box at their facility. Because of the expertise of our technician and the support provided by our business units, we perform approximately 75% of their maintenance and repairs. This frees them to focus on serving their customers.