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with a fuel-water separator line

Extremely effective particle and water removal are critical to achieve injector life to engine overhaul. Caterpillar’s High Efficiency Fuel Water Separator line addresses these stringent requirements. For C12, C13 and C15 engines, use the 256-8753 and for C7 and C9 engines the 175-2949 is available. These FWS are also engineered to provide the correct fuel flow rate for maximum fuel economy.

Diesel fuel acts as a lubricant in unit injectors. The film strength of diesel fuel prevents metal-to-metal contact between the plunger and barrel. Water can compromise film strength, resulting in scuffing and possibly seizure.

Cat® Fuel Water Separators have excellent water removal capabilities essential for protecting your unit injectors. Fuel Water Separators also deliver longer secondary fuel filter life. In addition, Cat Fuel Water Separators:

  • Remove more than 98% of debris 10 microns and larger.
  • Virtually eliminate free water in fuel.
  • Remove 87% of dissolved water.
  • Engineered to provide the correct fuel flow rate for maximum fuel economy.
  • Have a self-venting drain with a larger, easier-to-open drain valve, even when wearing gloves, and are self venting to automatically relieve pressure.

Contact us today for more information about Cat Fuel Water Separators for on-highway trucks.