17.5% off TEPS Stock!

We are happy to announce our July Cat filter sales promotion. Our sales promotion features the largest TEPS discount ever offered on Cat filters!

Cat is offering a 2018 Merchandising Program NAT-MLP-426 that provides a 12.5% TEPS discount. This program will run the rest of 2018.

For the month of July, Peterson is happy to also offer an additional 5% TEPS discount using our Merchandising Program FOC-PR-3476. This program is only eligible for use in July.

We will combine these programs together for the month of July providing you an opportunity to purchase Cat Filters at a 17.5% discount!

Orders over $2,500 will be eligible to participate. Prior to placing the order, contact Monica Simsek for ordering instructions. Call (510) 895-8400 ext. 5513 or email msimsek@petersonpower.com.

Thank you for your business!

Part Number Description
1R0713    FILTER A
1R0714    FILTER A
1R0716    FILTER A
1R0739    FILTER AS
1R0749    FILTER AS FU
1R0750    FILTER AS
1R0751    FILTER AS
1R0755    FILTER A
1R0762    FILTER A -FUE
1R1712    FILTER A
1R1740    FILTER A
1R1804    ELEMENT AS
1R1808    FILTER AS-LU
9N3368    FILTER A SER
9N6123    ELEMENT A
1174089    ELEMENT
1284124    FILTER KIT
1466695    ELEMENT-FILT
1631126    MAINT KIT
1631127    MAINT KIT
1631128    MAINT KIT
1631129    MAINT KIT
1734431    MAINT KIT
1735325    MAINT KIT
1752949    FILTER A
2492347    OIL FILTER
2568753    FILTER AS SE
2839819    KIT-MAINTENA
2839820    KIT-MAINTENA
2839821    KIT-MAINTENA
3087298    FILTER AS
3261641    FILTER AS
3261642    FILTER AS
3261643    FILTER AS
3261644    FILTER AS
3805839    ELEMENT AS
3805840    ELEMENT AS
4355142    FILTER-COOLA