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Cat UPS Systems


150 kVA - 1200 kVA

  • From voltage sags and spikes to complete loss of power, disturbances are expensive for your business. You pay the price in lost material, lost productivity, lost data and lost profits. For a reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply to protect your critical processes there is the CAT UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). CAT UPS provides reliable protection against the full range of power events likely to affect critical facilities.


    Why CAT UPS?

    • Seamless Transition Between Utility and Standby Power
    • Battery-Free
    • Up to 97% Efficiency
    • Flywheel – 75% Smaller Footprint than Battery Option
    • Environmentally Safe "Green Energy"
    • Conditions Power & Regulates Voltage

    Spec Sheets

  • Why a Flywheel?
    What are the advantages of Cat's revolutionary flywheel UPS over conventional battery UPS systems? Watch the video below to find out.