Cat Rental Power Solutions Deployed By Peterson Power Systems Surpass 8 Million Gallons In HVO Fuel Use

Cat engines using HVO meeting EN 15940 specifications approved as a drop-in replacement for diesel fuel.

For Worldwide Release: April 3, 2024

Caterpillar Inc. today announced that customers using Cat rental power solutions supplied by Peterson Power Systems, the local Cat dealer for electric power in Northern California, Oregon, and Southwest Washington, have generated power using more than 8 million gallons of hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) since 2022.

The Cat rental power solutions using HVO fuel have been predominantly used by utilities to supply energy around the clock during public safety power shutoffs and after wildfires damaged grid transmission lines in Northern California.

"Power generation from internal combustion engines remains the industry standard for mitigating the potentially disastrous effects of outages while providing a solid base for enabling the increased use of microgrids comprised of solar and storage," said John Krummen, executive vice president for Peterson Power Systems. "We’re actively facilitating the use of renewable fuels like HVO to transition established power generation technologies to a lower-carbon future."

Peterson Power Systems has pioneered the advocacy and use of HVO for temporary and portable generation applications to its customers on the Pacific coast. During the 2019 wildfire season, Peterson Power Systems supplied HVO to customers making contingency plans for public safety power shutoffs, when utilities temporarily turn off power to specific localities to reduce the risk of fires caused by the transmission and distribution infrastructure.

Additionally, Peterson Power Systems has supported the California Public Utilities Commission’s efforts to promote using HVO and other renewable fuels.

"Companies facing the energy transition are looking for flexible approaches available now that enable them to make an immediate impact on their sustainability goals," said Tom Caldwell, vice president and general manager for Caterpillar Electric Power’s Rental Power division. "Cat diesel generator sets have accommodated the use of HVO for more than a decade, and Peterson Power Systems has proven how our global Cat dealer network has the customer expertise and relationships with local suppliers to support the adoption of renewable fuels."

HVO meeting the latest version of EN 15940 specifications can be used as a drop-in replacement for diesel fuel in Cat diesel engines. This standard specifies the quality and properties of advanced diesel that is either synthetic or produced from renewable raw materials through hydrotreatment. HVO can be sourced from vegetable oils, fats, or used cooking oils, which are then processed by hydrotreating to remove oxygen from the hydrocarbon chain.

While HVO does not reduce carbon dioxide emissions at the tailpipe, switching to biofuels will reduce lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions when compared with diesel.