Reliable power and controlled temperature for national events

Imagine you are contracted to supply power for a nationally televised sporting event and the power goes out, twice. This happened in San Francisco and delayed a game watched by millions.

Choosing a supplier with a low rental rate is attractive until you consider the risks involved. The direct costs and contractual costs associated with power failure are immense. The damage to your reputation is even greater and longer lasting.

Can your supplier handle your client’s event?

Size and resources are important factors when considering an equipment supplier. If the situation on the ground changes, can your supplier meet the new need? Can they do it quickly? Vandalism, utility outages, and incorrect headcounts can quickly change your needs.

Ask your supplier about:

  • Parts inventory and distribution network
  • Machine inventory and speed of delivery
  • Regional distribution centers, dealer networks, or their suppliers
  • Their technicians number and training
  • Access to OEM engineers or technical communicators
  • In-house engineering and fabrication capabilities
  • Their financial strength and stability

A weak link anywhere in the chain can spell disaster for the event and your client.

Have they supported critical events before?

Peterson has supplied the best event coordinators and electrical contractors in the world:

  • NASCAR: electrical power, temperature control and compressed air for track cleaning
  • The Olympics: primary and backup power for link trucks broadcasting soccer matches
  • Major corporations in the San Francisco Bay Area: the best known companies in the tech sector turn to us for their employee, public , and political events
  • Pebble Beach Golf Tournament: power distribution for vendors and link trucks as well as cooling for VIP section

Why so many professionals trust Peterson:

The event coordinators and contractors we support have a high level of comfort with our expertise. They don’t have to know how everything works or all the right questions to ask. We can be trusted to solve problems and to provide honest explanations and guidance. We know the value of 100% uptime and take your events seriously.

Some of the problems we solve:

  • Powering TV/link trucks
  • Powering vendor pavilions and street fairs
  • Comfort cooling for movie sets, buildings, tents, hangers, and more
  • Cold storage for warehouses
  • Special effects like snow or breath vapor/frosty breath

The details we catch:

  • ADA-compliant cable ramps
  • Redundant backups
  • All distribution
  • Cables and ancillary equipment
  • Acceptable noise level