You have a commitment to keep. You’re trusted to protect the information businesses rely on, safeguard online transactions and store critical content for easy access. It’s your job to maintain networks and systems so they can seamlessly manage the data that keeps our world moving. And for a world that never stops, you need to maintain uptime that won’t either.

For data centers, uninterrupted power is a crucial factor to keep the environment safe and business running smoothly.

Peterson Power Systems is an established provider of complex power management systems and service contracts for businesses all over the country. We have delivered highly complex projects for the largest tech companies and customer service providers all over the country. Our high level of competency and project dedication and extensive internal resources help you meet your clients’ needs and deliver projects within the required timeline.

Not only will Peterson Power Systems’ team help you to build a data center, Peterson also has resources to develop a full project from design to operations, including:

  • Information support
  • Specifications development
  • Construction
  • Logistics
  • Project management
  • Site assistance
  • Personnel training

Peterson Power Systems Data Centers Projects:

  • 2.5MW generator on 8000 gallon base tank, with the dropover enclosure that goes over generator.
  • Fully assembled 2.5MW genset in enclosure with a diesel particulate filter on the roof.
  • Set up and delivery of pair of C-175 / 3MW generators. Seismically engineered package on a 8,000 gallon base fuel tank.