Serving all of California, Oregon and Washington

Peterson Power Systems can support temperature control applications from equipment failure, emergencies, loss of power to scheduled maintenance, seasonal needs, and special events. With locations to serve you in California, Oregon, and Washington, Peterson offers top-notch products and service to keep you productive and profitable. Industries we serve include refineries, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, education, data centers and more.

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Solutions we provide:

  • Product quality and spoilage control.
  • Environmental control in brood, farrowing, and feeding facilities during seasonal temperature extremes.
  • Temporary environmental heating, cooling, dehumidification during:
    • Planned and unplanned shutdowns for equipment replacement, repair, or maintenance
    • Building construction, renovations, and/or expansions
    • Emergencies
  • Supplemental comfort heating/cooling and process cooling capacity during seasonal peak times of the year.
  • Standard and low-temperature chiller modules for process cooling.
  • Environmental temperature control units.
  • Primary & backup temperature control units for:
    • Process cooling
    • Reactor cooling
    • Condenser cooling
    • Laser cooling
    • Dryer and packaging dehumidification
    • Dense air injection
    • Scrubber cooling
    • Supplemental tower cooling
    • Vessel and storage tank climate control
    • Product storage
    • Environmental control
    • Paint and drying room environmental control
    • Robotics cooling
    • Steel and basic oxygen furnace cooling
    • Baghouse cooling
    • Large motor cooling
    • Liquefied gas storage
    • Light gas loading
    • Catalytic reactor cooling
    • Alkylation cooling
    • Vapor recovery
    • Lube oil cooling
    • Gas turbine cooling
    • Surface condenser cooling
    • Overhead condenser cooling
    • Plastic pelletizer cooling
    • Jacketed reactor cooling
    • Supplemental water cooling
    • Supplemental cooling
  • Hydro-cooling pitted fruit to spot ripening.
  • Flash cooling sensitive vegetables.
  • Processing and storage.
  • Supplemental and/or backup process temperature control capacity during seasonal temperature extremes.

Some of the Industries we serve:

  • Food Processors & Packagers, Beverage Processors & Bottlers, Wineries, Breweries, Fruit & Vegetable Growers, Feedlot & Poultry Operations.
  • Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Electronic & Hi-Tech, Speciality Gases, Auto, Heavy Equipment, Machinery, Steel Mills, Foundries.
  • Refineries, Drilling Contractors, Gas & Oil Exploration and Production, Plastics/Petrochemical.

Portable Cooling Towers
250 and 500 ton modules available to provide high-volume water and wastewater chilling

Common Applications:

  • Containment & Spent Fuel Pool Cooling
  • Jacketed Reactor Cooling
  • Large Motor Cooling
  • Scrubber Cooling
  • Supplemental Cooling Tower Water

Air and Water Cooled Chillers
Air-cooled units from 25 ton to 450 ton, water-cooled units from 500 to 525 ton

Common Applications:

  • Alkylation (Alky) Cooling
  • Environmental Control
  • Wet Gas Compressor Cooling
  • Plastic Production Processes
  • Concrete Cooling
  • Turbine Inlet Cooling
  • Dense Air Injection
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Comfort Cooling
  • Warehouse Cooling

Heat Exchangers
Shell & tube, plate & frame, and food grade units available

Common Applications:

  • Jacketed Reactor Cooling
  • Alkylation (Alky) Cooling
  • Lube Oil Cooling
  • Scrubber Cooling
  • Plastic Production Processes
  • Vapor Recovery & Liquefied Gas Storage
  • Waste Water Treatment

Electric and reactivation heat source and moisture control units available

Common Applications:

  • Mold/Fungus Prevention
  • Electronics Protection
  • Surface Preparation and Coating
  • Power Plant Lay-Up
  • Restoration Drying
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Corrosion Prevention
  • Candy Manufacturing
  • Refinery Tank Cooling

Electric Heaters
Portable units from 100kW to 150kW

Common Applications:

  • Comfort Heating
  • Warehouse Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Force Curing
  • Construction Heat
  • Event Heating

Air Conditioners - DX Units
25-80 ton self-contained units provide conditioned air flow

Common Applications:

  • Vessel Entry
  • Refinery Vessel Entry Packages
  • Refinery Fin Fan Cooling
  • Event Cooling
  • Warehouse Cooling
  • Comfort Cooling
  • Refinery/Industrial Motor Cooling