Configure Your Own Generator up to 400kW

Contact us for sizes over 400kW.

Whether you need temporary power for a jobsite, emergency backup for a hospital, or are powering part of a major US city, Cat diesel gensets are a reliable source of power for applications of all sizes. Cat manufactures mobile gensets from 30KW all the way up to more than 2000KW, which can be combined in parallel to create grid-like power capacity in emergency situations.

All of this power is packaged in easy to transport enclosures ranging in size from a small pull trailer to a 40 foot sea container. The modular design of all of these units means they are easy to transport with commercial trucks, easy to lift with cranes, and still easy to work on and maintain.

For more permanent applications, Cat produces an equally impressive lineup of permanently installed gensets ranging from 20KW to more than 4000KW. Since these units are installed as part of a facility, they can be significantly larger than their mobile counterparts, which allows for more power generation capacity for large applications such as cogen plants, oil and gas operations, and remote prime power networks. Accessories for these units include enclosures to significantly reduce the amount of sound output from the unit and fuel tanks of various capacities for maximum runtime.

But regardless of the size of the Cat diesel generator you choose, you can expect the same level of quality, reliability, and performance for the long haul.