Wine production requires a carefully maintained temperature. During the production process, each batch of grapes is carefully handled before and after fermentation. This entire process must occur at the right temperature and on time, or you risk damaging your product.  Ensuring that outside factors like power outages don't disrupt the process is a critical concern for wine production industry.

That's why you need a source that runs non-stop — to make sure that your business runs smoothly with no gaps in power. Peterson Power Systems, Inc. provides stationary or temporary diesel generators that are cost-effective and a reliable power source for your wine production and storage facility. We also provide products like automatic transfer switches (ATS) and switchgear, all to help you maintain power in case of blackouts or other emergencies.

When power goes off, it’s important to have backup power and services ready, and Peterson Power Systems, Inc. can fill this need with a large product line capable of working in a variety of applications. With reliable power, your facilities will run without interruption.

Peterson offers different standby generators depending on our clients’ needs. One example is the natural gas fueled power system. Typically installed with an automatic transfer switch (ATS) or paralleling switchgear control for multiple generators, these systems sense when a utility outage occurs and automatically start the backup power system and transfer power to the emergency source. When normal grid power returns, the control system automatically switches back and shuts down the emergency generator.

Providing all the reliability and durability you need, Peterson offers a wide range of diesel, gas, and dual-fuel generator sets; plus automatic transfer switches and switchgear for seamless integration. From configuration to installation, operation and aftercare, Peterson Power Systems is committed to your success, to ensure the generator set you buy today is the one you trust tomorrow.