Why is it important to have an inspection?

Inspections can detect and help prevent a wide range of problems that can affect the availability and operation of your equipment such as:

  • Oil, Coolant, and fuel leaks or low levels
  • Low Battery voltage or electrolyte levels
  • Space heater and/or jacket water heater failure
  • Basic maintenance issues such as air/fuel/oil filters needing changed
  • Belts wearing or requiring adjustment
  • Visible component wear or failure

Conducting regular inspections and proper maintenance is important to ensure maximum availability, longer service life, and helps minimize expensive repairs for your equipment.

How should you do a “walk around” of your genset?

You should do a daily walk around inspection of your equipment and especially prior to operation. The walk around inspection should only take a few minutes and can help avoid costly repairs and unnecessary accidents. During the walk around inspection some of the things you’re looking for are:

  • Loose hardware
  • Fuel, Oil, or coolant leaks
  • Damaged, improperly clamped, or loose air/exhaust/fuel/cooling lines
  • Worn or loose belts
  • Loose, worn, or damages electrical connections or harnesses
  • Proper installation of guards and safety items
  • Inspect for proper grounding
  • Proper operation of gauges
  • Any visible wear, damage or aging of generator insulation/windings