The main electricity and telecommunications services provider for Costa Rica, Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) (English: Costa Rican Institute of Electricity) experienced an electric power shortage in the largest city in the country, San Jose. A severe rainstorm caused flooding that damaged the city’s hydroelectric power plant. Two different plant locations were affected, and an immediate solution was crucial.

The project experienced several challenges including unrelenting rain and possible brownfields, which required excavation. Poor road infrastructure presented a logistics issue of getting a large turbine trailer to site. Furthermore, dirty fuel from nearby barges affected the needed fuel quality.

Peterson Power rapidly mobilized diesel-fired power generation at both locations in San Jose. A total of 60MWs of gas turbine Mobile Power Units (MPU) were delivered, installed, and commissioned under three months. Liquid fuel pumping was set up to bring in the fuel from over a mile away, and Peterson techs sourced a centrifuge, and put it in place to filter fuel being pumped into the system. High sulfur content in the region caused turbine fuel nozzle coking, so Peterson Power staff quickly resolved the issue by bringing a portable nozzle cleaning station site and an operator to clean the nozzles.

Peterson Power engineered, modified, designed, and supplied 12 Solar T60 MPU’s capable of burning diesel fuel along with providing all spare parts, special tooling, and containers. Performance, availability, and the quantity of power that the customer required was guaranteed through a Power Purchase Agreement. Peterson Power’s team overcame obstacles, and restored reliable power to the people of Costa Rica.