Peterson Power Helps A State-Run Facility

In September 2015, a state-run facility in California that serves several hundred individuals with developmental disabilities was in trouble. The facility’s main 12KV transformer failed during the night. Without the transformer functioning, the entire facility essentially shuts down, preventing it from giving adequate care to those in need. Only hours after the call came in, Peterson techs were on-site with rental equipment and support services.

Despite the failure occurring after hours, the Peterson Power team still coordinated its service and repair efforts with local support vendors to ensure that the customer was taken care of. To replace the broken transformer, Peterson provided a 12KV rental installation, which supplied 200KW, 12 KV prime power for two weeks to the facility. We also supplied an XQ2000 generator, the necessary cabling to connect it with the existing grid, as well as the tech support, fuel, and transportation resources needed to set the unit up and keep it running.

Due to the hard work of the Peterson Power team, the facility was able to keep operating at full capacity, while the main transformer was repaired. Peterson has had a long and successful relationship with the facility, and they know that they can call us anytime, 24/7, to request emergency equipment or expertise. We’re a one-stop source of power generation, compressed air, and temperature control solutions, and we’re always just a simple phone call away!

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