Design Build - The New Normal

Design build project delivery simplifies projects and reduces risk because the owner manages only one contract with a single point of responsibility. The designers and contractors are on the same team allowing a unified response to changes and challenges. The traditional design-bid-build method requires the owner to manage multiple contracts and relationships, settling disputes between designers and contractors. Conflict and finger pointing can occur, forcing the owner into a dispute resolution role. 

Operational Benefits of Design Build:

  • Faster build
  • Lower costs
  • Project price proposal delivered before spending on design and working drawings
  • Single point of responsibility 
  • Designer and builder on the same team
  • Realistic project costs established early in design phase 
  • Less Disputes, the owner is not the mediator between designer and builder
  • Less change orders
  • Warranty/performance guarantee for completed project
  • Option to shift maintenance and operation risk to design build contractor

Cost Comparison of Project Delivery Methods

The Construction Industry Institute (CII)/Penn State researched 351 projects ranging from 5,000 to 2.5 million square feet and found the following:

Metric Design Build vs
Design Bid Build
Design Build vs
Construction Management at Risk
Unit Cost 6.1% lower 4.5% lower
Construction Speed 12% faster 7% faster
Delivery Speed 33.5% faster 23.5% faster
Cost Growth 5.2% less 12.6% less
Schedule Growth 11.4% less 2.2% less

Risk Transference from Owner to Design Build Team:

  • Cost Control
  • Project Schedule
  • Performance of completed project
  • Quality of completed project 
  • Compliance with codes and standards

Peterson Capabilities

Offering design build services requires advanced capabilities from a supplier. Peterson has invested heavily in our capabilities and brings significant resources:

  • Seasoned, knowledgeable sales force, that work with most advanced companies and agencies
  • In-house design and engineering teams in San Leandro, California and Portland, Oregon
  • In-house fabrication shops and OEM certified instructors
  • Full time project managers experienced with complex integration
  • World renowned products backed by project performance warranties
  • Global partnerships with vendors who support design build