Cupertino Electric, Inc. (CEI) and Peterson Power Systems, Inc. (PPSI) have designed a clean transitional technology solution to address today’s electric service providers’ needs.

This hybrid system cost-effectively provides best-in-class resiliency, significant duration (weeks, not hours), and zero-emission spinning reserves. Deploying these hybrid systems will maximize the contributions of renewable resources, improve resiliency, provide reliable and on-demand capacity (resource adequacy), and continue the utility industry on a course for a decarbonized energy future.

To offset the early retirement of coal, combined cycle, and nuclear plants (and to optimize the complete value of the increasing presence of intermittent renewable generation) today’s grid requires bankable capacity with immediate response to be installed on a distributed basis. Right-sizing these hybrid systems in optimum locations avoids costly infrastructure upgrades while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our hybrid distributed system maximizes the utilization of intermittent solar and wind. It can be configured as a standalone microgrid to power-islanded distribution networks while offering the added value of providing mitigation of Public Safety Power Shutoffs and natural disasters.

The basis of the system is a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) paired with efficient and responsive Cat gensets. The gensets can be configured to run on many renewable fuels. The entire system is tied together through Caterpillar’s Master Microgrid Controller.

Cupertino Electric’s extensive substation/distribution system experience provides the expertise necessary for customized system configurations to assure maximum functionality and integrate the system into your substation quickly and safely. Cost-reduced, modular designs minimize field installation times.

As one of the largest utility and EPC contractors in California, CEI is invested in successful and sustainable alliances. CEI has more than 65 years of electrical design and construction experience and is a leader in solar, battery storage, data center, reciprocating engine, and utility installations. CEI’s industry experience and established financial stability qualifies them to provide the engineering, procurement, and construction services needed to bring modern hybrid resources online safely, cost-effectively, and on schedule.

Peterson Cat has been an authorized Cat dealer since 1936, providing diesel- and gaseous-fueled power systems, parts, service, and rental. The company employs more than forty engineers and project managers, and 150+ trained technicians. Peterson has provided permanent and temporary turnkey power installations to customers all over the world, from a few kilowatts to 98 MW gas turbine installations. No other equipment supplier can compete with Peterson’s local service capabilities and response times.

Working together, CEI and PPSI have developed a portfolio of transitional hybrid-capacity products capable of providing:

  • Resource adequacy
  • Resiliency with increased reliability
  • Immediate response times
  • Emissions-free spinning reserves
  • Multi-day duration
  • Voltage support
  • Islanding/microgrid capabilities
  • Distribution voltage options

Many of the design concepts used in this portfolio of solutions have roots in the data-center industry, a sector that requires lightning-fast deliveries and construction schedules, exceedingly high power densities (kWs per square foot) and reliability in excess of what can be provided by a classic utility model.

Working together, we look forward to taking the next steps towards a clean and reliable energy infrastructure and future-proofing your electric system to provide years of service for your customers.


Brian McDonald

Brian McDonald
Senior Vice President – Energy
Cupertino Electric, Inc.

John Krummen

John Krummen
Executive Vice President and GM
Peterson Power Systems, Inc.