An automatic transfer switches (ATS) is an integral part of a generator set: it transfers power from one source, the utility, to another, the generator. An ATS triggers when it senses that one of the sources has lost or gained power. An ATS is often installed in conjunction with one or more backup generators to make sure that the generator(s) provide electrical power if the utility source fails. Today every standby generator set that is sold requires at least one ATS, and some cases, multiple units.

More about transfer switches, types and operation of a transfer switch.

Peterson Power Systems offers a broad range of transfer switch products that are positioned to support any type of emergency power application from simple, single-ATS installations to highly complex, multi-ATS/generator switchgear systems. Available in sizes ranging from 40 through 4000A, there is a Cat switch to suit every project's needs.

Overall ATS Features Include:

  • Open & Closed Transition
  • Delayed Transition
  • Bypass Isolation
  • 40 through 4000A
  • Mechanically-held Contactor
  • 50/60 Hz 600 V Class

Maintenance for ATS Products

Good maintenance programs involve all components of a generator, including the ATS. There are several reasons for regular maintenance. In some industries, it is mandatory to perform, at the minimum, a weekly load test. This basic test makes sure the ATS is capable of sending a start signal to the generator and transferring the building load onto the generator for a period of time set by the user. This simple operation ensures the basic functionality of the ATS and generator. However, it does not address other critical operations during the life of the switch.

Peterson Power has resources to offer you maintenance and service for your ATS products: our company has a team of highly qualified, factory-trained, power-focused technicians available to support your project.

Early Detection of Problems – Maintenance contract

A preventive maintenance contract can help identify problems before a failure occurs. Consider, for example, power cables, contactor assemblies and interconnected wires. During a genset’s initial installation, start-up, and commissioning, particular attention is given to these components’ integrity. However, after a period of time, these components can deteriorate, vibrate loose, or become contaminated. Without regular maintenance, failure could occur, causing extensive damage to the ATS, generator, or downstream devices. This type of failure (and resulting costs) can be prevented if the switch is under a maintenance contract.

A maintenance contract should include, but not be limited to, the factory recommendations for testing and maintenance. These basic services will ensure high reliability and prolong the life of your ATS.

At Peterson we offer service contracts, which are critical to your power installation’s success. Our service contracts guarantee full local product support, and access to services infrastructure and parts inventory. Our goal is to provide you with options and guarantee quality project maintenance with 24 /7 support.

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