Switchgear is the apparatus used to switch, control and protect electrical circuits and equipment. The most common use of switchgear is to de-energize equipment and clear faults downstream. Switchgear is also used for isolation of circuits from power supplies, and to enhance system availability by allowing more than one source to feed a load.

A switchgear has two types of components:

  • Switching and protecting devices, switches, fuses, isolators, circuit breakers and lighting arrestors. These components conduct or interrupt the flow of electrical power.
  • Control systems: control panels, current or potential transformers, protective relays and associated circuity. These components control and protect the power conducting components.

Switchgear standards

Ratings, design, specifications and details of switchgear are governed by a multitude of standards. In North America, IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards are generally used.

Peterson Power Systems offers a variety of solutions to manage your power system

Peterson Power Systems offers different switchgear products to support a wide range of applications. We can also provide you with a custom-designed system that will meet your business’s or project’s specific needs. Our switchgear are engineered to manage your power system and are able to combine all monitoring and control elements for generator sets in a single-source set.

Peterson Power Systems switchgear are used for monitoring and controlling standby or load management and multi-unit utility paralleling installations in on-site or off-site setting. We also offer Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) that control your continuous power source and provide your projects with continued safety and reliability.

Peterson Power Switchgear projects

Comcast Denver - EMCP4.4 Master Control Panel

  • The product provides a single master location from which an operator can view status and control the generators
  • Three 2000kW gensets paralleled to a common bus with electrically operated main breakers
  • EMCP4.4 control panels and EMCP 4.4 MCP for remote location monitoring and control
  • Paralleling switchboard with a common bus for the input and feeder breakers for the output

SFO Terminal 3 - EPIC

  • The product provides a means of controlling and paralleling a variety of generators that might be of different sizes or brands
  • Two 750kW gensets: one existing generator that was upgraded to have an electrically operated breaker and one new generator that was factory equipped with an electrically operated breaker
  • The two generators closed their respective breakers to a common bus that was provided by others to provide load as a single source to the facility
  • Load shed and load add controls were included to properly load and unload the system

San Jose Regional Wastewater Facility - Cat Custom Switchgear

  • Complex project adding four 3000kW emergency standby generators with closed transition paralleling to an existing ring bus of the plant that uses a combination of utility power and prime power cogen
  • Retrofit of existing paralleling controls on the cogen plant to be compatible and controllable thru the new Caterpillar paralleling scheme
  • Fiber optic networking of the generator and utility systems to provide control of the generators over long distances
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