Technology to Stay in Compliance

Diesel Particulate Filters
A Diesel Particulate Filter is a filtration system designed to reduce particulate, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions. This solution can bring existing CAT 3400, 3500 and 3600 Series diesel engines into regulatory compliance.

A series of alternately blocked channels forces the exhaust gas to flow through the channel walls, where the particulates are physically captured and chemical reactions take place. Carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons are converted into carbon dioxide and water. Backpressure is reduced through a process called passive regeneration that automatically removes excess particulate matter.

  • Particulate reduction greater than 85%*
  • Carbon monoxide reduction greater than 90%*
  • Hydrocarbon reduction greater than 90%*
  • Diagnostic module for backpressure and exhaust temperature
  • Backpressure less than 18 of water (critical grade silencer)
  • Alarm notification for high pressure levels

* When properly sized, clean, operating about 300°C and using ultra low sulfur diesel fuel.

Oxidation Catalysts
Oxidation Catalysts help lower engine emissions through chemical reactions that convert carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and aldehydes into carbon dioxide and water.

A Catalytic assembly-available to suit many machine applications – is installed in place of the standard muffler. Exhaust flows through a steel housing with a specially formulated catalyst. Here, chemical reactions work to minimize machine emissions.

  • Carbon monoxide reduction up to 85 percent in engines up to 750 horsepower
  • Hydrocarbon reduction up to 60 percent
  • Particulate matter reduction up to 20 percent

Selective Catalytic Reduction
Selective Catalytic Reduction effectively removes most nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx) from engines. For CAT 3400, 3500 and 3600 Series stationary gas and diesel engines, Selective Catalytic Reduction is the most durable and reliable process to reduce NOx. This is the only aftertreatment effective for reducing NOx.

The process eliminates more than 90% of NOx emissions by injecting urea, a non-hazardous solution, into the exhaust system. At temperatures above 300°C, urea decomposes to form nitrogen and water, eliminating most exhaust emissions in the process.

  • NOx reduction greater than 90% in open loop system
  • NOx reduction greater than 95% in closed loop system
  • Continuous monitoring of atmospheric conditions and engine parameters
  • Caterpillar Warranty of one year or 8,000 hours of operation from time of sale
  • Optimum product support and system integration provided by your CAT dealer
  • Stainless steel construction for longer life
  • Limited maintenance coincides with regular engine maintenance