Air Compressor Service

Large pool of OEM trained technicians, dozens of field service trucks, extensive parts inventory

Peterson Power Systems is your source for product support for your compressed air system. Contact a service scheduler or parts counter to keep your compressors running. We provide:

  • Field service (emergency and scheduled)
  • Mobile maintenance through Customer Support Agreements (CSAs)
  • Shop service at Peterson facilities
  • OEM parts delivered through our dropbox network
  • Online parts ordering

A professional partner you can trust:

Peterson has made the investments necessary to provide the best maintenance and repair services for air compressors. We bring the right assets to the table:

  • OEM training from Atlas Copco, Caterpillar, and Sullair
  • A technician mastery path from shop, to mobile maintenance, to field service
  • Dozens of fully equipped modern field service trucks
  • A 24/7 on-call answering service with emergency dispatch
  • Continually updated records of the air compressors in our territory
  • An extensive parts inventory matched to the most common models
  • Caterpillar’s nationwide parts distribution network
  • Rental inventory from 185 CFM to 1600 CFM
  • Dispatch locations throughout our territory, including Napa Valley
  • In-house engineering and fabrication capabilities

Who we support:

We support a diverse population of customers and applications in California, Oregon and Washington.

  • Refineries and processing plants
  • Biotech
  • Construction
  • Wineries

Urgent response for emergencies:

During the recent Bay Bridge construction, one contractor was using compressed air to drive pylons. The compressor went down, threatening to delay the entire project. We were on site and repaired the unit the same day, keeping the project on schedule.

Napa Valley wineries cannot afford downtime when crushing grapes. Any delay can risk large losses of product. We have field technicians in Santa Rosa and back them with a rental inventory of 100% oil-free air compressors.

Refineries are very sensitive to efficiency and environmental compliance. From supplying dense air injection or powering the whole process, compressed air is vital to operations. Our response is geared specifically for minimizing downtime.

Maintenance typically required every 2,000 hours

  • Replace oil filter
  • Replace air filter
  • Top-off oil
  • Record volts and amps
  • Record temperatures
  • Inspect and clean controls
  • Verify and adjust controls
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Inspect starter contacts
  • Inspect safety valves
  • Inspect moisture separator
  • Inspect main drive coupling
  • Inspect all safety guards
  • Test run compressor
  • Check for excessive vibration/noise
  • Fuel inspection of inline filters/drains
  • Clean compressor

Maintenance typically required every 8,000 hours

  • Replace oil filter
  • Replace air filter
  • Replace oil
  • Replace air/oil separator
  • Record volts and amps
  • Record temperatures
  • Inspect and clean controls
  • Verify and adjust controls
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Inspect starter contacts
  • Inspect safety valves
  • Inspect moisture separator
  • Inspect main drive coupling
  • Inspect all safety guards
  • Clean scavenge lines/orifices
  • Test run compressor
  • Inspection of inline filters/drains
  • Clean compressor

Generator Service

Maintenance programs, repair after failure, parts, technical information

Peterson Power Systems provides quality generator service and maintenance support for your power equipment. Our team will guarantee full local product support, repair and maintenance for every component of your equipment. Our highly qualified technicians can resolve your problem in the field or at your location.

The Customer Support Agreement (CSA):

Peterson Power Systems is proud to provide the customer support agreement (CSA). CSA helps you plan for your company’s future while being kind to the environment. Continuous maintenance of your company's generator is vital in order to ensure that your standby power equipment is always working when you need it. Simply put, the CSA minimizes risk.

  • Annual Services
  • Quarterly Inspections
  • Meggar Testing
  • Load Bank Testing
  • Extended Service Coverage for up to 5 years
  • Rental Coverage Option
  • Priority Service
  • Level Payments (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)
  • No Upfront Costs
  • No Price Increases for up to five years
  • Free Annual Customer Training
  • Scheduled Oil Sampling
  • 10% discount on additional repairs and services
  • Contingency Planning Guide and Paper
  • Green Service

We have the experience:

Our technicians service more than 2,500 contracted units a year. Our history and dedication to customer service has taught us the special considerations needed for the most common applications.

  • Standby power must be 100% reliable. Poor battery maintenance and inspection practices cause most backup power failures.
  • Cogeneration/Combined Heat and Power (CHP) packages have very high initial cost. These units require maximum uptime to achieve positive financial return and environmental benefits.
  • Industrial packages are typically found in chippers, grinders and shredders. Timing engine maintenance with hydraulic and/or mechanical maintenance can yield significant savings. Equipment failure can cause a critical loss of revenue or missing a deadline.
  • Fire pumps protect human life and safety. Failure can quickly turn to tragedy in this highly regulated application. Exact maintenance records must be kept for compliance.
  • Landfill gas power generation requires careful documentation and continual valve adjustments. This application typically has contractual production requirements to power utilities, so service timelines are very tight.

We have earned the trust:

Peterson product support representatives are experienced and provide thorough coverage to our customers. The Peterson way of doing business leads to high levels of employee and customer retention. Our staff have experience throughout California, Oregon and Washington.

Many of our customers came to us because of dissatisfaction with the service they received elsewhere. We keep our word and do not hold back from giving honest evaluations of equipment condition. Few organizations can respond with our speed or quality.

John Muir Health made a substantial investment in the form of Cat cogeneration/CHP units from us. These were installed at a hospital and serviced by supplier with very aggressive rates. Unfortunately their CHP units began to break down due to improper service after only two years. The JMH staff reached out to Peterson; we were able to repair all their units, and then we installed remote monitoring to reduce future downtime.

Marine Service

Marine Service On the Water

Count on the Peterson Cat marine engine team.

Extended Service Coverage

Extended Service Coverage for Power Systems

You expect years of productivity and performance from your power system. With us you also get a wide variety of coverage options and the highest level of cost-control available, for years to come. Extended Service Coverage (ESC) is built to protect your investment and your peace of mind by helping you budget for unexpected repair costs, ensuring repairs are performed by factory-trained technicians and getting you back to work fast.

ESC for prime and standby generator sets, switchgear, automatic transfer switches (ATS), uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and engine paralleling and integration controls (EPIC) is built to protect your investment and your peace of mind.


Who to call?

Peterson has product support representatives, specialized in extended service coverage, dedicated to key territories. 


Why Extended Service Coverage?

  • Global Coverage. ESC is available wherever you are, for all your coverage and service needs. It’s true global service with no zones or territory restrictions
  • Local Expertise. Trained technicians at more than 2,500 Caterpillar authorized service locations have the experience, training and tools to repair your engine quickly and accurately
  • Ease of Doing Business. Our pricing terms are simple, and you can customize coverage options to fit your individual needs
  • Peace of Mind. When you choose ESC, you can be confident knowing your investment is protected by the power of Caterpillar
  • History of Protection. Your Cat® dealer is backed by Cat Financial—together, we’ve been providing product support with ESC programs to customers since 1986



  • Protect your investment with coverage for parts and labor expenses on covered components (less any applicable deductible)
  • Avoid unexpected repair costs caused by unscheduled repairs
  • Budget for unexpected repairs and lock in costs up front
  • Make sure repairs are done right the first time with factory-trained technicians using genuine Cat parts
  • Return your power systems to their original operating specifications, meeting all requirements for safe use and environmental compliance
  • Combine Extended Service Coverage with a customer support agreement for complete maintenance and repair protection


What can you expect?

You need real-world information to make real-world decisions. We've put together ESC agreements on four popular models. Each includes a real-world coverage matrix, additional allowances and overview.


Ready to get started?

Request a quote and we will contact you to build a quote customized to your needs.

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Extended service specialists:

Emissions Service

Technology to Stay in Compliance

Diesel Particulate Filters
A Diesel Particulate Filter is a filtration system designed to reduce particulate, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions. This solution can bring existing CAT 3400, 3500 and 3600 Series diesel engines into regulatory compliance.

A series of alternately blocked channels forces the exhaust gas to flow through the channel walls, where the particulates are physically captured and chemical reactions take place. Carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons are converted into carbon dioxide and water. Backpressure is reduced through a process called passive regeneration that automatically removes excess particulate matter.

  • Particulate reduction greater than 85%*
  • Carbon monoxide reduction greater than 90%*
  • Hydrocarbon reduction greater than 90%*
  • Diagnostic module for backpressure and exhaust temperature
  • Backpressure less than 18 of water (critical grade silencer)
  • Alarm notification for high pressure levels

* When properly sized, clean, operating about 300°C and using ultra low sulfur diesel fuel.

Oxidation Catalysts
Oxidation Catalysts help lower engine emissions through chemical reactions that convert carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and aldehydes into carbon dioxide and water.

A Catalytic assembly-available to suit many machine applications – is installed in place of the standard muffler. Exhaust flows through a steel housing with a specially formulated catalyst. Here, chemical reactions work to minimize machine emissions.

  • Carbon monoxide reduction up to 85 percent in engines up to 750 horsepower
  • Hydrocarbon reduction up to 60 percent
  • Particulate matter reduction up to 20 percent

Selective Catalytic Reduction
Selective Catalytic Reduction effectively removes most nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx) from engines. For CAT 3400, 3500 and 3600 Series stationary gas and diesel engines, Selective Catalytic Reduction is the most durable and reliable process to reduce NOx. This is the only aftertreatment effective for reducing NOx.

The process eliminates more than 90% of NOx emissions by injecting urea, a non-hazardous solution, into the exhaust system. At temperatures above 300°C, urea decomposes to form nitrogen and water, eliminating most exhaust emissions in the process.

  • NOx reduction greater than 90% in open loop system
  • NOx reduction greater than 95% in closed loop system
  • Continuous monitoring of atmospheric conditions and engine parameters
  • Caterpillar Warranty of one year or 8,000 hours of operation from time of sale
  • Optimum product support and system integration provided by your CAT dealer
  • Stainless steel construction for longer life
  • Limited maintenance coincides with regular engine maintenance

SOS Fluid Analysis

Protect Your Investment

Imagine if there was a way to monitor the internal health of your heavy equipment without tearing the machine down to its basic components? There is, and it’s called SOS Fluid Analysis!

Peterson’s Fluid Analysis Lab in Eugene, Oregon specializes in analyzing fluids from your equipment fleet and examining those fluids for common signs of component failure. For example, the occurrence of fine metal particles in hydraulic oil often indicates the breakdown of a hydraulic pump or another major component. If these particles are detected early enough, service technicians can replace the pump and oil and prevent further damage to the entire hydraulic system.

Fluid Analysis does far more than discover component failures, though. It’s also the best way to gauge when to replace the fluids in your machine. Broken down oil, or oil containing contaminants such as water, could lead to overheating and excessive wear of important machine components, damage that can be prevented by keeping tabs on the condition of your fluids through our analysis.

Peterson is committed to your machine’s long-term reliability, and fluid analysis is just one of the ways our highly trained staff uses technology to deliver you a quality service experience.

To learn more about our fluid analysis services, contact our team.