Protect Your Investment

Imagine if there was a way to monitor the internal health of your heavy equipment without tearing the machine down to its basic components? There is, and it’s called SOS Fluid Analysis!

Peterson’s Fluid Analysis Lab in Eugene, Oregon specializes in analyzing fluids from your equipment fleet and examining those fluids for common signs of component failure. For example, the occurrence of fine metal particles in hydraulic oil often indicates the breakdown of a hydraulic pump or another major component. If these particles are detected early enough, service technicians can replace the pump and oil and prevent further damage to the entire hydraulic system.

Fluid Analysis does far more than discover component failures, though. It’s also the best way to gauge when to replace the fluids in your machine. Broken down oil, or oil containing contaminants such as water, could lead to overheating and excessive wear of important machine components, damage that can be prevented by keeping tabs on the condition of your fluids through our analysis.

Peterson is committed to your machine’s long-term reliability, and fluid analysis is just one of the ways our highly trained staff uses technology to deliver you a quality service experience.

To learn more about our fluid analysis services, contact our team.