OCEARCH, an organization that facilitates unprecedented research on sharks, relies on Cat® equipment to power the M/V OCEARCH, a 126’ vessel that serves as an at-sea laboratory.

“We need the best equipment in the world and we need the best people in the world working on it,” said Chris Fischer, OCEARCH founder and expedition leader.

OCEARCH’s work occurs in waters around the globe, so Fischer depends on the unmatched support of Caterpillar’s network of dealers. “When equipment fails, problems can happen. And in our situation, it can be an extreme problem.”

The M/V OCEARCH, with its team of scientists and crew, runs on two Cat engines and has three Cat generators on board, custom-built hydraulic lift and 75,000-pound capacity research platform with the capability of handling 5,000-pound sharks.

“The machinery is bullet proof,” Fischer said. “You just can’t do it without world class equipment and a world class dealer network.”

Watch the video above to hear more from Chris Fischer, OCEARCH founder and expedition leader.

To learn more about OCEARCH, visit ocearch.org.