When it comes to power, there is no such thing as a convenient outage. It is essential that you prepare for emergencies before choices are limited and loss is unavoidable. Ask yourself, when you are without power, how much do you risk losing per hour, per day, per week?



Get value and reliability that can only come from Caterpillar. Our new Cat® GC diesel generator sets share the same quality and performance as our critical application product line but are value engineered to reduce installation costs, valuable footprint, freight costs, and, of course, the cost of ownership. Cat GC generators are valuable genset packages that offer the availability you need to keep your business running during a power outage.



  • Multiple locations and experienced technicians to serve you
  • Parts availability: 92% fill rate, 99% overnight
  • Customizable maintenance plans
  • Emissions compliance with most worldwide regulations
  • Excellent transient response and steady state performance
  • All are UL 2200 listed
  • Long life to overhaul
  • Open or sound attenuated enclosure is available

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Engine Genset Model Standby (ekW) Spec Sheet
C4.4 D40 GC 40 download
C4.4 D40 GC (SCAQMD) 40 download
C4.4 D50 GC 50 download
C4.4 D50 GC (SCAQMD) 50 download
C4.4 D60 GC 60 download
C4.4 D80 GC 80 download
C4.4 D100 GC 100 download
C7.1 D125 GC 125 download
C7.1 D150 GC 150 download
C7.1 D175 GC 175 download
C7.1 D200 GC 200 download
C9 D250 GC 250 download
C9 D300 GC 300 download
C13 D350 GC 350 download
C13 D400 GC 400 download
C15 D450 GC 450 download
C15 D500 GC 500 download
C18 D550 GC 550 download
C18 D600 GC 600 download