We're pleased to introduce the Cat GC-series of diesel generator sets, optimized for stationary standby power applications. Models are available in capacities from 40-1,250 ekW and are built to deliver the world-renowned performance of Caterpillar engines while reducing delivery and installation costs, footprint, and total cost of ownership.


GC Generator Control Panel

The GC control panel offers easier genset control for operators fluent in all languages via universal symbols and a standardized 50-event log for easy servicing and troubleshooting.


GC Generator Engine

Powered by field-proven Cat engines, Cat GC gensets are capable of starting unassisted in temperatures as low as 14°F, and always ready to take on the requirements of your standby load.


Engine Genset Model Standby (ekW) Spec Sheet
C4.4 D40 GC 40 download
C4.4 D40 GC (SCAQMD) 40 download
C4.4 D50 GC 50 download
C4.4 D50 GC (SCAQMD) 50 download
C4.4 D60 GC 60 download
C4.4 D80 GC 80 download
C4.4 D100 GC 100 download
C7.1 D125 GC 125 download
C7.1 D150 GC 150 download
C7.1 D175 GC 175 download
C7.1 D200 GC 200 download
C9 D250 GC 250 download
C9 D300 GC 300 download
C13 D350 GC 350 download
C13 D400 GC 400 download
C15 D450 GC 450 download
C15 D500 GC 500 download
C18 D550 GC 550 download
C18 D600 GC 600 download
C27 D800 GC 800 download
C32 D1000 GC 1000 download
C32 D1250 GC 1250 download