Power Distribution

How distributed generation and standby power work

Peterson Power Systems, Inc. is your authorized source for Cat distributed generation and standby power equipment. Distributed generation is power generated on-site. This eliminates inefficiencies and also has the ability to lower costs, since energy does not need to be moved across distances.

Marine Power, Propulsion, and Accessories

Marine propulsion engines and marine generators

Marine propulsion is the mechanism or system that is used to generate thrust to move a ship across water. Most modern ships are propelled by mechanical systems consisting of an electric motor or engine turning a propeller, or less frequently, in pump-jets, an impeller.

Cat Marine Engines and Auxiliary Systems

Peterson Marine Power Solutions

Peterson Power System offers Caterpillar's complete line of marine propulsion engines and marine generator sets that are suited for powering pleasure craft and commercial vessels. All our products offer maximum reliability with minimum operating costs for any application and vessel size.

Combined Heat and Power

Efficiently Generating Electricity and Thermal Energy

Cogeneration is a cost-efficient means of generating both electricity and thermal energy from the same fuel source. Also known as combined heat and power (CHP), it is a clean, reliable source of power for commercial, industrial, and municipal customers.

Emergency Standby Power

Complete Power Solution Packages

Peterson Power Systems supplies and fully supports complete power solution packages to meet diverse emergency electric power needs when and where they matter most.

Electric Prime Power

Electric Prime Power for your Facility

Peterson Power Systems provides electric power generators for use in many applications, including prime power for remotely located commercial businesses where there is no access to electric power.