How distributed generation and standby power work

Peterson Power Systems, Inc. is your authorized source for Cat distributed generation and standby power equipment. Distributed generation is power generated on-site. This eliminates inefficiencies and also has the ability to lower costs, since energy does not need to be moved across distances. Distributed generation is created or stored by a variety of small grid-connected devices, so the systems are more flexible and decentralized technologies.

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Distributed generation can include:

  • Solar panels
  • Combined heat and power (CHP) systems
  • Wind
  • Hydropower

Other methods exist as well. Power produced locally provides several benefits, but customers must account for the proper maintenance necessary for distributed generation systems.

When power is produced locally without heat recovery from the engine, Peterson provides Cat radiators for proper cooling of the engine jacket water, engine oil, and aftercooler water circuits. Cat paralleling switchgear is employed to allow generators to operate with one another or in conjunction with a local utility power source.

However, while local power has many benefits, consumers must account for blackouts or other power emergencies by having a system of backup power, something that Peterson can also provide.

Although diesel-fueled emergency power systems will always be the solution of choice for life safety emergency standby systems, there has been an increasing trend toward natural gas-fueled standby power systems in recent years. Typically installed with an automatic transfer switch (ATS) or paralleling switchgear control for multiple generators, these systems sense when a utility outage occurs and automatically start the backup power system and transfer power to the emergency source. When normal grid power returns, the control system automatically switches back and shuts down the emergency generator.

Peterson is Your Design-Build Partner

Peterson offers Caterpillar’s complete line of generator sets, including permanent or temporary power solutions with low owning and operating costs.You can expect consistency, timely delivery of our promises, and efficient project management on all stages of your project. We provide your business with power solutions and high-quality products that can be designed for many applications. We also provide after-sales support in the form of parts, service, and repairs.

We seek to be to be your one-source, complete electric power solution provider for:

Your Peterson Cat team will oversee engineering, procurement and construction elements of the project, including the training of your employees to operate and maintain the system once the site is commissioned.