Data Centers



Contingency planning for utility disruption:

Rental generator sets are the go-to in the event of power failure. Fast, modular and scalable, rental power is a common staple in contingency plans. These plans should be reviewed and updated often, especially when plant equipment is updated or replaced.

Events and Hospitality

Reliable power and controlled temperature for national events

Imagine you are contracted to supply power for a nationally televised sporting event and the power goes out, twice.


Power Solutions for Utilities

Peterson Power Systems, Inc.—authorized Cat engine dealer to customers in California, Oregon, and southwest Washington—has earned the respect and loyalty of our customers by consistently providing excellence in products and service.


Power Solutions for Wine Production Facilities

Wine production requires a carefully maintained temperature. During the production process, each batch of grapes is carefully handled before and after fermentation.


Power Solutions for Manufacturing

When you don’t have power for your manufacturing lines, you’re not making money. Peterson Power Systems, Inc. provides both permanent and temporary power systems to keep up with your manufacturing or planned outage schedule.

Marine Service

Marine Service On the Water

Count on the Peterson Cat marine engine team.


Industrial Power Solutions Provider

Peterson Power Systems, Inc. serves the industrial OEM engine market with highly regarded representatives who have years of experience in sales, service, and engineering. We're here to work with you not only as a supplier of engines but as a partner to help improve your processes and product, and reduce inventory and turnaround time.


Power generation solutions for healthcare industry

When power goes off it’s important to have backup power ready, and Peterson Power Systems can fill this need through a large product line capable of a variety of applications. With reliable power, your hospital may run without interruption, unaffected by power outages. 


Power Generation Products – for your construction projects

Peterson Power Systems, Inc. has earned the respect and loyalty of our customers by consistently providing excellent products and services. We are a recognized leader of distributed power for:

Bio Tech

Power Solutions for Bio Tech Facilities

Peterson Power Systems Inc. offers a wide range of power products and solutions, allowing owners of biotech companies to have reliable power sources and resolving their power needs in case of outages. Biotech facilities have products and labwork that need to be maintained in required temperatures with certain power inputs.


Reliable Power Solutions for Agriculture

Peterson Power Systems, Inc. offers a wide range of power products and solutions, allowing owners of agriculture businesses and farms to have reliable power sources or resolve their power needs in case of emergency.